Simple Energy Efficiency Tips That Save Money

Owning a home means a lot of work throughout the year, and also increasing costs to keep your home comfortable all year round. To get started off on the right foot in 2020, there are some things that a homeowner can change that can both increase energy efficiency, and lower maintenance.

Most homeowners are interested in making their home “greener.” They want to cut down on energy consumption and the use of non-sustainable types of materials and products, opting for renewable, recyclable, or sustainable materials that last longer and do not require frequent replacement.

The older the home is, the more likely it is that the existing windows and doors are not correctly sealed. Over time, the door and window frames can shift, warp, and move, resulting in cracks that let in the cold in the winter and let out the cold in the summer. In addition, this can be a source of warm, moist air entering the home in the summer months, which can decrease the efficiency of air conditioning systems.

New Windows and Doors

According to the United States Department of Energy, as much as 30% of your home’s heating and cooling system energy is lost through old windows and doors. For those families who want a more energy efficient solution, and one that promotes a greener world, replacing old windows and frames with energy efficient windows can have a dramatic and immediate impact on lowering your annual HVAC system energy bills.

As a general guideline, if the windows and doors in a home are more than 10 years of age, they may be due for an upgrade. Older windows did not use the same technology in energy efficient glass and frames, which means they may still look good, but they may be leaking hot and cold air all year.

While doors are responsible for less heat loss than windows, this can still be as much as 15% of total heat loss of the home. This includes both front and back doors, as well as any patio doors in the home.

In addition to saving on energy bills, new windows and doors offer a range of low or no-maintenance options. Vinyl and composite windows are no maintenance and long lasting.

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