How To Choose An Entry Door Color That Adds Curb Appeal?

Our replacement project comes with a wide variety of options that will impact your home’s beauty, efficiency, and protection. The main consideration most homeowners make when selecting a custom front door is its color.

Our replacement project comes with a wide variety of options that will impact your home’s beauty, efficiency, and protection. The main consideration most homeowners make when selecting a custom front door is its color. How are you to know the best color for your door to maximize your home’s value and curb appeal? What are the recommended guidelines from professionals to obtain the premium look you will love for many years to come?

Here is a list of tips to help make your selection simple and feel confident about the choice you made.

What Are the Best Entry Door Colors to Boost Home Value?

Color is delightfully personal and can carry a wide range of emotions associated with it. Your front door’s hue speaks of the tone you desire for your home from the moment people lay eyes on it.

When it comes to your entry door, realize that you want to make your friends and family welcome, and you also want your family to have the best door product for beauty, durability, security, and energy efficiency. Leap entry doors are built to welcome and beautify your home while protecting you and your family.

What Are the Basic Color Schemes in Choosing Door Colors?

The color you choose for your front door will have a direct impact on its appearance and overall vibe. Your door color should complement the color you chose for the body of your home’s exterior. Realize your entry door should also coordinate with your garage door.

Choose a color scheme:

  • Warm—Shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, brick and tan
  • Cool—Blues, greens, yellows and violet
  • Neutral—Between warm and cool including white, grey, taupe, black, gold and silver.

Questions to Help You Narrow Your Search

To discover the best entry door color that will boost your home value, begin by answering the following questions:

Curb Appeal

  • What does my home’s surrounding landscape look like?​
  • Do I prefer that my home blends in or stands out a bit?
  • How do I want people to feel when they walk up to my front door?
  • Which direction does my front door face? The light it receives throughout the day will impact whether the door color will appear as a warmer or cooler hue.

Tie Together Interior and Exterior

  • What is your home’s interior color scheme? Why not carry that to your front door and tie it all together?
  • Get a cohesive look by finding the perfect balance of color without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Style your home’s exterior to prepare guests for the interior and complement its look. It will instantly feel more welcoming to newcomers, and it will benefit you when it comes time to sell your home.

My Area

  • What type of regional influence should I consider based on the Central and Eastern NC areas?
  • Does my home sit in a large group of trees?
  • Blend-in approach: natural greens and earth tones
  • Complementary approach: reds, including classic brick reds
  • Do I prefer a seaside feel to my property?
  • Blend-in approach: muted sea greens, light blues, or sandy colors
  • Complementary approach: bright cheery colors, pastels like lemon and lavender

Be Yourself

  • What are the things your family loves?
  • Most importantly, express who you are with your front door color. After all, you’ll hang holiday wreaths, take family photos, and greet people you love at your front door. So you should love the color!

What to Consider About Your Home’s Architectural Style when Choosing Your Entry Door Color

When choosing an entry door color, take a good look at your home’s design for inspiration.

Identify the Style

  • Coastal: Get a beachy vibe with nautical or Mediterranean hues.
  • Colonial: These were some of the first homes built in America. They are symmetrical and usually follow a warm color scheme for an elegant traditional look.
  • Modern: These sleek, clean-lined homes with neutral color schemes and minimalist design styles may be best highlighted by a bold door color.
  • Victorian: These ornate homes with elaborate exteriors, intricate wood trims, and decorative molding look fabulous in bright colors to highlight their eccentric but sophisticated design elements.
  • Cape Cod: These cozy, cottage style homes focus on simple and symmetrical architecture. Color and design elements are whimsical, chic and a bit rustic.
  • Include North Carolina’s climate in your choice.
  • Consider your property size.
  • Decide what represents your unique taste.

Elevate Your Home with a Beautiful and Efficient Entry Door from Leap

We understand how overwhelming it can feel to try to navigate replacement door decisions alone. That’s why we developed a simple process to help educate you on options and guide you toward the best long-term solution for your home. You deserve to have a durable front door that creates eye-catching curb appeal and maximizes the value of your home.

At Leap Windows and Doors, we install premium quality—and homeowner favorites—Leap doors. You get an individually customized door with the highest standards of durability, security, and energy efficiency. Available in custom sizes and finishes, you’re sure to love Leap’s fiberglass and steel entry doors.

Our professional team installs replacement doors with precision, and we don’t cut corners or sidestep even the smallest details.

Discover how an entry door replacement can increase your home’s value, transform your home’s looks, and personalize the welcome you extend to family and friends. Contact our team to learn how our Project Guides can help bring your project to life.