Beautiful Windows Start With The Right Window Materials

Homeowners today have a wide variety of different styles and options in window materials to choose from, in addition to choices on shapes, sizes and even types the types of glass.

Often, the choice of window materials is not seen as a central part of the decision making process, but understanding the advantages to choosing vinyl, composite, or aluminum clad windows can add a significant benefit to the durability and long-lasting performance.

To help get started, let’s take a closer look at three very popular options in window materials. Keep in mind, the choice of glass to keep out the cold in the north and to keep out the heat in the south is also an important factor when ordering new windows for a home building project or replacing old, inefficient window styles.

The Vinyl Window Option

When choosing vinyl windows, it is essential to choose the best quality of windows. We offer Sunrise Vinyl Windows, which are designed to provide cost-effective, quality windows that are easy to install and offer a long life cycle.

Vinyl window materials do not need any painting or staining, and painting the windows can actually lead to peeling and color fading. The top lines of vinyl windows are resistant to the summer heat and the winter cold, and they do not warp or crack. They are also very energy efficient, particularly when paired with glass that has a high R-value and a low U-value. The R-value measures the window’s ability to block heat movement through the glass. The U-factor measures how heat transfers through the glass, with the lower numbers providing improved efficiency.

The Composite Window Option

Composite window frames are made from PVC and fiberglass, creating a very durable, practical and long-lasting window frame. Similar to the vinyl windows, they are highly energy efficient and extremely durable. These are low maintenance windows and, like the Sunrise vinyl windows, they can be cleaned with water and never need painting or staining.

The Aluminum Window Option

The choice of aluminum clad windows is a top option for those looking for the longest lasting window materials. It is not uncommon for these windows to last decades, and they are low maintenance. The cladding or covering of aluminum is resistant to oxidation, rot, and warping, and it is also extremely durable to wind, snow, and ice.

With the aluminum clad windows, even small expansion and contraction of the frame is eliminated through the layered design. This results in a superior seal, preventing air movement around the window.

Glass Considerations

It wouldn’t be possible to talk about window materials without a brief mention of the glass. Today, manufacturers offer single, double, and even triple-glazed windows, with different options designed for optimal insulation to prevent heat transfer to keep your home a comfortable temperature.

There are a lot of decisions to make when buying new or replacement windows. Before making a choice, talk to our team, we would be happy to answer questions to make sure you get the perfect windows for your home.

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