The Real Risk of Not Having Gutter Guards

No matter where you live, having the ability to move water off the roof and away from the foundation of the home is a critical consideration for any homeowner. Gutters are installed on all new homes to catch the water running off of the roof and move it along the front or back of the home to downspouts, typically located in corners of the home.

While this system is generally very effective, it is not a low-maintenance system. In the fall months, leaves, twigs and other types of debris are carried down the roof with the rain, ending up in the gutters. In the spring, summer and winter months, the leaves, branches, and materials blown from the ground or from surrounding trees also end up in the gutters.

With time, the gutters become blocked if this organic matter isn’t removed regularly. To prevent this issue, which can back water up under the shingles and create problems with leaks and rotting of the roof deck and the fascia, many homeowners make it a point to clean their gutters on a semi-annual basis.


Gutter cleaning is a long, arduous and dangerous task. It involves setting up a ladder and climbing to the top and then, using your hand or a small towel, carefully removing all the collected material.

Did you know that falling from a ladder is the most frequent accident that happens when cleaning gutters? According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 90,000 people require emergency medical care for falling off ladders every year. It can be very easy to lean too far to one side and overbalance. Grabbing on to the gutter for balance can also be dangerous as it may give way due to structural deterioration.

There is also the challenge of trying to set the ladder up on level ground. This can be difficult across the front or back of a home with flower beds, walkways, and landscaping all creating the potential for uneven surfaces.

Other common causes for ladder accidents when cleaning gutters include poor maintenance of the ladder, accidental contact with electrical wires, wearing improper clothing which can catch on projections and experiencing vertigo when working at a height.


To solve the problem and eliminate the need to get up on a ladder and clean the gutters on a semi-annual basis, consider installing gutter guards. These are formed covers that sit on the top of the gutters. They have small perforations that allow rainwater to run into the gutter but prevent leaves, twigs, shingle granules or other materials from collecting on the inside.

With the gutter guards in place, these materials simply slip over the gutter and fall to the ground below. With the right gutter guards to suit the system on the home, there is no need to try to deal with difficult tasks and dangerous ladders; the system will keep itself clean for years to come.

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