The Best Material for Your Front Door

We have a variety of material types to choose from whether you’re looking for new construction or a replacement front door. Find out more about each material and which one is best for your home.

A new front door is an excellent way to modernize your front entryway. Front doors can be made of wood, fiberglass, or steel and have various features and options to match the aesthetic of your home. There are specific benefits to each material type that can help you achieve your home’s ultimate design and performance goals. Consider your desired aesthetic, level of light and privacy, and energy efficiency requirements as you read this article.

What Front Door Material Is Best for Your Home?

Each material, whether wood, fiberglass, or steel, can provide different benefits to help you meet the specific goals you have for your home. Consider the maintenance requirements, panel styles, and personalization options as you research different materials.

One important decision to make is whether you want a front door with a glass window or a front door with a solid panel. A front door with a glass window allows natural light to enter your home, whereas a solid door panel provides maximum privacy.

Consider the amount of maintenance that each material will necessitate. Front doors made of steel and fiberglass require the least amount of upkeep. They are made of long-lasting materials that are resistant to dents and scratches. Wooden front doors necessitate a little more upkeep. A wood front door will need to be refinished or repainted from time to time.

A new front door has many advantages, such as dependable performance and inspired designs, ranging from naturally energy-efficient wood panels to durable fiberglass and steel panels.

There are a variety of front door panel designs made from the three main materials, whether you’re looking for a replacement front door or a new construction front door. Each material type has its own set of advantages for complementing your home.

Front Doors Made of Wood

Primary advantage: naturally energy-efficient

Typical home styles: Traditional to modern, depending on personalization options.

Nothing beats the beauty and craftsmanship of genuine wood. Wood front doors are made of a naturally energy-efficient material and provide a classic look for your home’s entrance. wood front doors are made with a sustainable, ethically sourced mahogany frame. The front door panel floats in the frame, allowing the door to adjust to changing weather conditions. Choose between the warm elegance of a Mahogany front door panel and the stunning Rustic Walnut front door panel. Panel styles, decorative glass, grille patterns, pre-finish stains, and other options to personalize your façade are available on both. ‘s wood entry doors are distinguished by thoughtful features such as stain-grade frames and an optional multipoint lock system. For the perfect look for your home, choose from solid-panel or wood front doors with glass. Wood front doors provide the most customization options; if you can imagine it, we can build it.

Front Doors Made of Fiberglass

Primary advantage: Extremely long-lasting

Transitional homes are popular home styles.

Fiberglass front doors provide high performance while requiring little maintenance. fiberglass is dent-resistant and will not rust or corrode. A Mahogany-grain, Oak-grain, Fir-grain, or smooth fiberglass panel is available. Grained fiberglass has the warm, rich appearance of wood without the maintenance requirements and at a lower cost. Panels are installed with a composite frame, a low-maintenance option for keeping your home free of drafts and leaks while also providing exceptional energy efficiency. You can create a beautiful look for your entryway with solid panels or glass panels that will withstand the elements for years to come.

Front Steel Doors

Primary advantage: Naturally Strong

Modern and contemporary homes are popular home styles.

Steel front doors are inherently strong and long-lasting. When painted, the smooth surface produces an even color. And the steel panels give your home a high-quality, low-maintenance appearance. Steel front doors, available in solid panels, add design intrigue to your home while maintaining maximum privacy. Steel front doors feature a rot-resistant frame system that provides years of exceptional energy efficiency and performance.

Front Doors with Glass Panes

Wood and fiberglass are used to make glass front doors. Allow natural light to enter your home while also adding drama. front doors come in a variety of obscured glass options, allowing you to achieve the ideal balance of light and privacy for your home. All glass-paneled entry doors include Low-E insulating glass as standard, providing thermal protection and exceptional energy efficiency. A glass-paneled entry door is an excellent choice for all climates due to its effective insulation from heat and cold. Upgrade to beautiful decorative glass options for a personal touch or added privacy.

Front Doors: Fiberglass vs. Wood vs. Steel

Determine which factors are most important to your home and compare how each material performs to determine which front door material is best for you. Fiberglass and steel front doors require the least amount of maintenance, whereas wood front doors require maintenance on a regular basis. Each material and frame system has been optimized to improve the comfort of your home. If you want a front door with a glass panel, go with a wood or fiberglass door. Wood front doors provide the most customization options, whereas steel front doors provide the fewest customization options.

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