Deck the Halls Without Damaging Your Home’s Exterior

Going all out and creating a fantastic outdoor display of lights and holiday decorations is a big part of the season for many homeowners. Unfortunately, not knowing how to attach and install these decorations on the exterior of your home can cause damage to the siding, windows, trim, and even the fascia boards or gutters of your home.

Thanks to a range of new products and decoration types, homeowners can light up and decorate their homes to their heart’s content, all without causing any damage to paint, siding, or features.

Hanging Holiday Lighting on Your Home

Whether you are using the traditional single strands of holiday lights, choosing more elaborate icicle lights, or hanging intricate lights along your roof line, there is no need to use any staples, nails, or screws to hold the strands in place.

Clip Holiday Lights on Gutters and Roofs

For gutters and roof lines, use a plastic clip that lets you clip the light bulb or strand in place while attaching to the shingles or gutters. These are ideal for seasonal use and can be easily removed after the holidays without any damage or holes left behind. Consider clips that slide under the shingle edges and position the lights off the top of the roof for a unique look. This is a great option and gives the lights the look of hovering over the roof. With a bit of snow, this is a very colorful and festive look.

Specialized clips are also available to slide between boards on house siding. These can allow you to make shapes across the home’s surfaces without needing nails or staples.

The additional benefit of any clip is no damage to the light wire, which means less stress in trying to find out why lights are not working when a staple penetrates the plastic coating and shorts out the strand.

Keep in mind; it is possible to use clothespins to attach strands of lights to the eaves of a house or along the soffit. While they are slightly larger than the clips, they blend in and offer a low-cost option.

Use Magnets or Glue to Hang Holiday Lights on Metal, Stone, and Brick

To add lights to metal railings on patios, porches, or steps, consider magnetic-backed lights. These are durable and can last for years, allowing lights to be individually positioned in any configuration.

For brickwork or natural stone, a dab of hot glue can be used to hold a strand in place. Do not use hot glue on stucco, painted surfaces, or any siding, as it will cause damage when removed.

Utilize Hooks or Suction Cups to Hang Holiday Décor on Windows and Doors

A simple way to attach a wreath or decoration to the door is to use a Command Hook on the inside of the door near the top. A decorative ribbon is passed over the door from the hook, and the wreath can be attached at any height required. There are also decorative wreath holders available at any holiday supply store, and they come in various colors, designs, and features. Hooking over the top of the door, they are secure and hold the wreath.

Suction cups, either large or small, can be used on windows. They work best when applied on a warmer day, creating the hold needed even when the weather gets cold. Keep in mind; it is essential to use the correct number of suction cups based on the size and weight of the decoration. Lighter decorations are always a good choice for windows and prevent the risk of the suction cups sliding down the window over time.

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