Add That Extra Touch Of Beauty With A Summer Door Makeover

A great way to give your house a new look and a pop of color and style is to change your front entrance. A low-cost, do-it-yourself way to accomplish this task is to take a few hours over a weekend and paint your front door.

Painting a door is a great do-it-yourself project, and you don’t have to have any particular experience or tools. Start by sanding down the door to remove the current paint, and then apply a primer coat. Be sure to allow the primer to dry completely before painting the color. Taking the door off the hinges and painting the door on a flat surface eliminates any risk of drips and runs forming in the paint.

The central consideration for your door makeover project is how to choose the right color, and there are several possible options to consider.

Create a Complementary Color Pattern

If you remember art class in school, you remember the color wheel. This provides an easy way to choose a complementary color. Locate the color of the home siding on the color wheel and look straight across the wheel to find the complementary color. Paint stores or art supply websites are great places to find a simple color wheel for reference. This will make the door pop, but it also ensures a good color match.

Make a Statement

Choosing a door that really stands out as a vibrant yet coordinating color is a great way to add pizzazz to a home. It is important to choose a vibrant or bold color that is a good match for the siding and that doesn’t clash or detract from the look. When in doubt, consider a bright or more intense color that is in the same group as your siding color.

White and Bright

Regardless of the color of the home, if you have white trim on the house, a white door provides a crisp, clean and very sophisticated look. White looks very dramatic on darker home colors like blues, grays, and even dark greens. It is also a classic choice for natural stone or brick homes, and it looks wonderful on light grays, blues, and even yellows.

Rustic and Authentic

For a natural look for a front door, consider stripping off the paint and choosing a stain. This highlights the grain of the wood and gives a rustic and traditional warmth to the front entrance. It is a perfect choice for the earthy siding colors including beiges and browns. It is also a great look with natural stone and with brick homes.

If you like these ideas but are looking for a new style of door, give us a call. We can help you to choose the right style and the right color to create just the summer door makeover you have been looking for.

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